1-28-08:A Weekend With the Nut

Ah yes, I guess the proper way to begin would be to apologize for our prolonged absence from these pages, which, to be honest, I’ve only been motivated to en due to the repetitive requests of Dave Rider. All in all things have been good around here, so good I’ve had little thought of the outside world or any need to update. I’ll give you this clip of Seany B on Eddie’s to get things started.

I spent the past weekend wandering the Turnagain area with Brennan and it was as f nothing had changed from our time in Utah. The weekend was marked by sunny skies, broken equipment, late starts, forgotten gear, hangovers, excellent conditions and shady moments coming along like blonde haired Mormons.

But as always things become a bit skewed and backwards up here. It seems now that Brennan no longer has a season’s pass to forget that I’ve inherited his entire repertoire of dysfunction. Saturday after an great day of skiing at Eddie’s my skins (which are far to narrow, more on that later) decided one would arbitrarily lose all adhesive abilities and force me to skin back to the car with one leg. Sunday I broke the heel piece of my fritschis leaving me unable to take my skis off, forcing Brennan to deskin me before each run. I’ve got a job which hijacks my schedule leaving me with insufficient time to ski. *****, I even discovered at the top of Lib’s a couple weeks ago that I’d brought to left mittens. I’ve basically descended into Sean’s life circa 2005. But when the skiing is this good I really don’t care.

So yea, despite or possibly because of all that it was quite the weekend. As Mentioned it was Eddie’s on Saturday with really light (and realize this claim is coming from a group of ex-Utards) snow, sunny skies and bitter cold.

Sunday we headed up Corn-Biscuit, and skied an early northerly chute that was wind hammered for 2 turns before turning blower and dreamy all the way down to the creek. From there we decided to head up Magnum having been convinced of the south facing aspects snow’s softness after watching a skier work down the type of spine stereotypical of Alaska skiing. However, the side hill skin on drum tight wind crust send us up the drainage towards Super bowl, where we bumped into Charley (this place really is a fishbowl) and found the southern aspects to hold snow similar to what we found on the northerlies. Wind buff for a turn or two before fluff took over till the bottom.

So yea, another great weekend, which I realize is a bit of an abstraction these day’s as hardly a day’s passed that could be described thus, but I’ll say this, good enough that current, I don’t even mind sitting here at work, as I’m hardly here, I’m pretty much just re daydreaming it all and can’t really be bothered with the world.

And now for some random updates. We’ve acquired a 6×6 Argo from Travis and Usau. Max is in San Diego. Wilson will be in AK from March 27th thru April 14th. And Dave Ridgeway promises a guest piece on Northern Colorado.