Last week Jeff, Max and I flew to Lake Creek to fish for some king salmon.  We didn’t catch anything, but this is some video from the flight home along the Yentna river in Max’s PA-12.


Update 7/15/08: New Video played at 5 x speed.  Original Version Here

Super fun as usual.  We landed on the Yentna on the way there which I can only describe as being really shady.  After landing in the crazy current we taxied up the river with the plane going full blast but hardly making any progress, before Max made 180 and we drifted down the swift current before beaching the plane on the bank. Once there we were had great time despite not catching any fish and left a bit late.  Flying back to Anchorage in the dark was a first for me, but Max had no problems landing in the dark on the glassy water and everything worked out fine.

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