Way back in the fall of 2000 I bought a Camera with my brother Teddy.  That December he had heart surgery and was unable to ski for the entire winter.  He spent much of the winter wandering around Crystal Mountain on foot filming our various exploits.  Initially the two of us planned on making a video that summer, but lack of computer power and random other issues got in the way and the video was never made.  The next year I moved to Utah, and began doing basically the same thing I do now (ski and be mostly worthless with some real world activities thrown in for legitimacy) while Teddy continued filming.  That spring he put together Sanity, his first movie*, and, as most of you know, went on to continue filming and producing movies of ever increasing quality. Until 2 months ago Sanity only existed on a select few VHS tapes, however my mother has had it transfered to DVD and I’ve felt it necessary to share it with all of you.



*      Some short 3 min edit with Irish music he made for a highschool class which pre-dates Sanity exists somewhere on VHS in our Grand Rapids house