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Despite finding politics hysterical, I try not to mention them too much around here, for obvious reasons.   However, recent events have been distractingly funny, and I’ve been asked to pass comment.  I wrote the article below while living on Pierre’s couch south of Paris in early april 2007. It was posted on the old site, and got lost in the shuffle, so here it is.   I haven’t edited except to add links, but I find my words on that hungover morning in Corbeil-Essones still work for me.  Hopefully you enjoy.


Hunting, Fishing, Nature

The man seen above is Frédéric Nihous, quite possibly the most freedom loving politician with the misfortune of campaigning in France. He’s running on the Hunting, Fishing and Nature ticket, a party of his own creation. His television appearances consist of shooting geese, chasing down foxes on horse back and occasional interviews conducted in his various deer blinds. His website boasts qualifications such as being armed since ‘81 and his previous experience as president of a skeet shooting league. This man’s charisma flows from the screen and hits with the force of 45. Unfortunately he’s running for the French Presidency and has little to no chance of winning; the latest polls show him struggling to garner a single percent of the vote. Yet one can only imagine the success he could have running this campaign in Alaska. I personally picture him hanging out the window of a car, 9mm clutched firmly in hand, and popping road signs with frightening proficiency on the way to campaign stops in Wasiphilis. His message and campaign style would mop the floor with the limp Alaskan politicians (Matt Moon and the ‘almost hot’ governor I’m looking your way) whose campaigns on can hardly deem worthy of a municipal school board position. Below I’ve given his email address, please, write him a letter begging him to come to AK and run, it’d be worth it for comedy alone.


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