By Max:

This my first post of hopefully more to come so bear with me. Going back in time before the the big Palin for VP news was labor day weekend which is one of my 3 summer holidays where I have more than a day off. Anxious to get out of town, I was planning on going up to Chelatna Lake to relax with my folks, fish for some rainbows, and do some exploring! Friday afternoon at about 3pm while I was getting ready to leave our good buddy Dr. Joe called and put forth a awesome plan. He wanted to fly up to Judd Lake where there was a birthday party for Jeremy Nobis. For those of you who dont know Nobis is a guide and part owner of Tordrillo Mountain Lodge. This lodge and skiing made up just about all the big mountain skiing in “Lost and Found” TGR’s last film. Joe’s plan was immediately accepted so i went to the liquor store to prepare for our departure. I met Joe at the plane and we filled up all the remaining space with alcohol and headed out to the lodge for a quick 35 minute flight. Arriving at lodge, we were greeted by women dressed cheetah print dresses and knee high boots. First reaction: TIME TO PARTY! Usually in the bush you would never expect to see women – especially dressed like this. Apparently Joe had not got the message that this was a dress up party so we were presented with the left over party clothes. Skin tight red vinyl pants and beige checkerd pants with the same fit and a really gay pink hat! I squeezed into the red vinyl ones and proceeded to get my drink on! After being provided with a superb home cooked meal and eating outside with 10,000ft peaks less than 5 miles away we were half blitzed. This is when Nobis gave us a tour of the lodge! With out going into detail, the lodge is beautiful well worth the experience. The highlight of the tour was the WOODMIZER.
This is definetly Nobis’ favorite piece of equipment around the lodge! The woodmizer is a protable sawmill that makes dimensional lumber from trees on your property. For the cabin builder in bush this can save thousands of dollars on materials that normally have to be flown up. I easily convinced Nobis to show me how the woodmizer worked from start to finish. Thank god safety was none of our concerns because Nobis was wearing black leather pants and fur lined leather vest, after all it was his birthday and i was barefoot in my ridiculous costume. He made a 10 ft long 3″ x 3″ post that took about 5 minutes and could probably be used in a boat because of the curve in it. What ever i was just happy to have all my fingers and toes at this point. From that we decided to go on the lake and do some paddle boarding since it was perfectly calm and the sun was setting!. Only one person went for a swim in the 45 degree water that,s when we decided that a sauna was in order to really finish off the night by taking a good drunk and turning it into an intoxicating stupor. Somehow i woke up in nice bed with a nice headache and some nice sun to wake up too. Everything was so nice because i was on vacation! Joe and i decided to leave about noon so we could go up to Chelatna Lake and catch some rainbows in Lake Creek. I asked Nobis if he wanted to go with us since today was officially his birthday, the girls had left, and he was starting to get cabin fever from being at the lodge for so long. He jumped at the opportunity to get out of there! Once at the cabin I was the new guide and Nobis was the client, quite a relaxing change from his usual operations. We took the boat down Lake Creek and Dr. Joe immeadiately diagnosed what the rainbows were hitting on. He also ran into another Doctor buddy of his fishing as well. They exchanged jokes about how neither one of them works more than they fish. haha.. i should have been a doctor! Needless to say i like fishing but there was beer in the boat and this was nothing new to me so I watched and cheered as the two guys caught the most speckled rainbows in the state. All the beer drinking was making me hungry so we headed back to the cabin for our nightly feeding frenzy with moms cooking. After a bottle or two of the finest Austrian Schnapps we stumbled to bed. At 5:30 i was painfully awoken to Dr.Joe leaving to go fishing. Ive never seen someone who likes to fish so much as Dr.Joe. After a brief breakfast i departed the lake to return Nobis and Dr.Joe to the real world and then headed back to the cabin to enjoy the rest of the weekend!