I recognize that most of what I’ve posted on this site has been rather crap lately, but to be honest it is the boring season (constant rain and hanging clouds) and there is little else to do but watch football, play the occasional soccer game at the park, or get drunk.  That said, I’ve got a couple things to report.

Our good friend Aaron Karitis showed up on the cover of this months Powder Magazine.  When I heard the rumor he was to feature on the cover I expected it to be something from his helicopter exploits in either Valdez or Chile but the to find a tree shot from Bachelor was quite a surprise.  Good work Karitis!  The shot instantly reminded me of the years of similar exploits in the Ho.

The other news to report is Kim’s recent increased aggression.  Somehow in between wearing cleats to lazy soccer games in the park he’s managed to get in 3 fights in a week.   Last Saturday Kim managed to jump kick a canadian in the back after a dispute over Norwegian geography, and followed that display of skill by attacking Mikey with a pool cue in the Buckaroo after someone called his mother a Gypsy.  And if that wasn’t enough, Kim managed to get in a brawl at a bowling alley on Friday.  That’s about it, I can report that there is snow on the front range, but nothing worth skiing yet, hopefully in a week or two we’ll get the season going for real.

not to be messed with

Kim, not to be messed with

Seany B was in town all last week.  I believe he’ll be out in the field a further 2 weeks followed by a trip to SLC before returning to Anchorage for the winter.  I don’t have a clue when Hunter will arrive, and Max was rumoring a possible return of Wilson.  We will see…