It had been sunny for the last week but apathy and work prevented me from doing anything of interest. This morning I woke to cold rain, and a noticeable increase in the snow gracing the tops of the peaks around town. I may try and get some skiing in this weekend.

Seany B returned form the Chuit yesterday, this time for good. Somewhere in the middle of a story involving a raucous Beluga bar, floods and sleeping with guns in a large garage, he mentioned that our horror show on Sunburst has made the cover of The Avalanche Reveiw’s  October issue. I don’t really know how I feel about this particular piece of publicity, but I do know that I can’t read this passage,


It was the first sunny day after a 12-day storm that deposited 7′ of snow and 10″ SWE accompanied by gale to storm-force winds. 


and not feel a great deal of shame.  Lessons learned and all that, but the pictures still creep me out, alot.

On a lighter note, I’ve got some video of Kim demonstrating traditional Norwegian backcountry skiing.  After breaking a set of Alpine Trekkers while cruising across the parking lot Kim unbuckled his boots and kept moving.   The results are impressive