I shop on Craigslist regularly, because my cars die too often, and I also have a disinclination towards spending more then $500 on them.  But, none the less, it is a pleasant way to pass my time at work which,  occasionally, allows me to talk to some crazy people and enjoy a good laugh.  Twice in the last week though I’ve come across some odd stuff.  Last sunday I called a man named Craig about a $400 dollar truck.  It’d been sold, but Craig came and picked me up with his father in a gold Mazda, handed me a Busch ice, and drove me to his brother’s house on Spenard, where we looked over 11 or 12 different vehicles, most of which were started using a screw driver but were lacking something critical (radiator, transmission, wheels, right side passenger door), and none of which had current tags, my only requirement.  Disappointed, but amused, Craig gave me a ride home and said to could give him a call anytime, 626-CASH, reminding me he’s always got something for sale.

I’ve continued looking for both a car and a snowmachine all week.  Last night I called a Dave about a 2003 700 rmk.  He seemed excited, quickly saying that although he wasn’t home he would meet us at his house in an hour so we could have a look at it.   An hour later he called and said his roommate had sold it while he was out, but that he was determined to find me a sled.  Since then I’ve received calls from 9 people, most of whom have been out in the valley, with various offers to sell me either their sled, or to convince their friend to sell their sled to me.  Who are these people?