I’ve been lightly looking for a snowmachine since the end of last winter. Never has my search been much of a concerted effort, but the period between my craigslist scans has fallen as it’s been getting increasingly colder and darker. This Saturday I was lazily watching football when Mikey spotted an interesting arctic cat listing; and after a quick trip to the valley I returned home with my first sled. It even has a Knape Industries headlight!

Although Mikey and I had tenuous plans to test our sleds, Sunday started slowly, I was watching F1 and Mikey was chopping wood before we embarked on an Anchorage wide tour in search of the 93 octane gas Mikey’s new sled craves. We failed to find a gas station selling anything other then the 87, 88.5, 90 gasoline triumvirate so drove to the valley before fueling the sleds, and at which point I lost the cap to Mikey’s gas cap (so typical it’s sad) which necessitated a swing by his Big Lake cabin for a replacement. Needless to say we got a late start and arrived rather late.

The snowmachining wasn’t diminished by our late arrival, flying in and out of bushy areas into larger more open swamps where the snow pillow covered bogs, large semi frozen water crossings and high speed skipping from snowy mound to mound was especially fun. I thought my sled ran well, although I don’t have any past experience to base that on, all I can really say is that nothing fell of or caught fire, it started up every time and I didn’t get stranded, although after getting lost in the woods I did almost ditch the sled into a creek but recovered to make it back onto the trail. So thus far I’m pretty happy with the sled, I really can’t wait until it pays me back with some skiing.

Mikey’s new sled (as seen in the video) was extremely impressive. It sits very tall and upright, has an extremely stiff front suspension and loads of power. It wheelies around like a street bike, I can’t wait to see what Mikey is going to pull with it as the winter progresses. We fooled around with the new camera a bit too, so I have a little video for everyone. It works extremely well, although were still figuring out how to best work the focus in weird snowy light. Enjoy the video, it should expand look ok if I haven’t messed anything up.