Party at our house tonight. The over under on Officer Deville’s arrival is currently at 1 a.m. Last year Halloween sent me to the hospital with gall stones so it won’t get worse. Skiing will be interesting this weekend, sunny and cold all week I’m not expecting much quality. Ice skating on Campbell Lake has been quality though.

Today seems to have produced some good loosely Alaska related articles to ponder over in addition too the election tuesday. Luckily we have someone looking out for us and thinking hard.

It seems that Caroline is getting serious, but I couldn’t believe her intentions.

I know I can do better. That’s why I hope you will support me in my quest for a Senate seat in 2016. Everyone has different viewpoints on these sensitive moral issues, and we do not always agree, but I can promise you that I will not behave in this unethical, offensive way.

The only class I took with Caroline was ski instruction, and I really struggle to picture her in congress, however. Good luck in 2016 Caroline, I won’t vote for you, as I’ll never live in Utah again, but hope you succeed for the comedy alone. Something to keep in mind over the holiday and skiing to come.