ted stevens

That’s Ted Stevens, I have no way to incorporate this picture into the rest of the post. I guess he has a mustache yet I don’t know where to run with that. But it’s been a sad week at work and when I saw the picture in the ADN today it cheered me up. So there you have it. Maybe I’ll eat some crab this weekend, it is cheap this time of year.

I’ve no real idea what’s going on this weekend. And increasingly this winter. My time at this job is rapping up, something I’ve made everyone aware of in the last couple days, which has allowed Steph, who had known this was coming, to walk around calling me a traitor for the past 3 days creating sincere concerns from everyone else that I was about to leave either the country or planet (making the reality of a vacation just around the corner seem pathetic) so I’ve been busy reassuring people that I will be in touch, by reminding them of the fish bowl like nature of living here.

Erin, Monica and Jeffé

Just yesterday, as I was heading out the door with Ashley, an example of ‘the tank’ itself, and I walked face first into Monica, who I haven’t seen in at least 16 months, and who, last I’d heard, had returned to Barrow. Apparently she now works upstairs. She said yesterday was her first day, and I’m currently delaying the visit I’d promised just before skipping out the door. I don’t really have much to talk about. So far this morning my one source of amusement has been that since learning the state was adding “tacking down rugs” to the list of allowable chore tasks, I’ve been imagining all the disabled seniors living on boats who must be thrilled to have their PCA services extended to help keep their rugs from getting out of place in the violent winter seas. Truly bored today, but none the less, this place and everyone here will be missed. I guess I’ll go up stairs and just talk about the fish bowl, which exists in the ski world as well.

That’s Radical Rob, I came across that on the website of some random Utah skier, who had called him “unidentified”. Mikey Mustache is the purple and green kid in the back right. Anyway, Max just got his new skis, so I’m sure we’ll be testing those out over the next couple of days. The knives still haven’t arrived. The weather looks crapy: low hanging clouds, wind, and not a flake in the sky. Hopefully some good tree turns at the very least. Look’s like some excitement in Italy this weekend and lots of pain in the midwest, to go with the skiing. By this point, I’m now at home, with Kim, and there is talk of him skiing this weekend too. I’m off to bed, I have to teach CPR in a couple hours. Maybe I’ll plan out a little soccer post while my students are watching the head tilt chin lift video.