I really don’t have much to discuss, the 108 inches of snow that fell last week has obscured everything I’d had to say.  Monster sized storms of this sort have a mythic quality amongst skiers, due to the frequency with which they’re discussed, but when they arrive it seems natural.  Not that 9 feet of snow in a week is ever normal, but storms of this size are spoken and dreamt of so often that the situation is very familiar.  Getting as much snow in a week as my hometown can hope for in an entire winter isn’t a usual occurrence, but I feel as though it should be, and I am determined to act as if it is.  I skied by myself in the pass for a couple days, and rode the lifts at Alyeska on sunday, but I truly have very little to say.

The 10th Turnagain Mountain Division hot on my trail

The 10th Turnagain Mountain Division hot on my trail

After hearing Turnagain Pass mentioned on Talk of the Nation’s rest stops of America discussion Wednesday in the office, I wandered up Tin Can a few times by myself, as all my friends holiday plans kept them indisposed.  The skiing was as expected amidst a storm of this size; deep turns down flat, lower, treed slopes, as instability and poor visibility kept me off anything high or steep.  Lots of easy slow speed face shots through the trees, skinning while soaking wet, and wishing winter could be promoted from a seasonal event to a year round affair.  

Alyeskas owner enjoying the snow

Alyeska's owner enjoying the snow. Sunday's picture of the day

The holiday generated the expected crowds.  Saturday I was joined on top of Tin Can by 15 other people, who stood shoulder to shoulder in a scene reminiscent of the Aspen Extreme ski school tryouts.  I think I even yelled “Keep it on the ground TJ!” before I dropped.  Anchorage got pummeled with snow saturday night and I’d planned on skiing the front range above town sunday, but Max got me out of bed, handed me a free pass and drove me to Alyeska, where the confusion over the new lift ticket system forced the lifties to let people with expired passes ride for free.  It seemed half the people I know were there, which is unfortunate as my social skills were at zero.  Transfixed by the new snow I was mumbling like a drunk 17 year old, but instead of “I’m so wasted,” I repeated, “it’s so good” and “this is just what I needed” again and again.  Even a pitcher of porter and jager shots with the Skinny Raven crew failed to take my mind off all the snow.  Winter has now truly arrived, more thoughtful, thorough posts will be coming soon, when I can do more then babble about snow, winter, and how happy I am.

Update:  As I’m walking out the door to work I see this good news. Alyeska wins the race to 200