So I’m about to walk out the door and hop in the car with Hunter.  Lazily drifting around town with has been very enjoyable, although I don’t have much to report or many pictures to post.  The biggest stories since I’ve been here have been the Lion’s reverse championship, and the collapse of the large vagina sailboat statue (pictured above, partially broken) that has been disgracing my hometown for the last few years.  It’s been an on going joke between Frick and myself that in a town as pretentious as ours (they once tried to change the town’s official name to a cardinal direction) the only thing worse then an extremely large anatomically suggestive monument dominating downtown would be to create a scene and admit they’d built an such a statue in the first place.  So one day, after a couple mid day drinks Frick and I took a short walk to check the statue out.  We noticed the whole thing was in a state of disrepair (support beams dangling, screws loosened, etc.) and figured that the city officials, to embarrassed to admit their mistake had begun to secretly undermine it in hope that the wind would eventually do it’s job, and it seems that the city got exactly what they’d asked for.  

Anyway, time for me to start driving, I’ll have some comments and stories from the film festival as soon as we stop somewhere with internet access, in the meantime I’ve got a picture of another Michigan landmark I’m a little more sad to be saying good bye to.