Hunter and I are in Grand Prairie Alberta tonight, after driving 37 hours straight from Ixonia Wisconsin.  It’s been slow going as we’ve hit extreme cold, traffic, snow storms and were trailering Max’s new sled, a  Ski Doo XP 600 RS.  I’ve got all sorts of things to say , but at this point I’m too exhausted to really elaborate on everything we’ve seen thus far, I guess I’ll get around to it when I finally get my pictures on here.  I’ll just mention that we saw some Canadians chain a dead deer to their truck and proceed to drag it down the road in Saskatoon.  Untill I get everything up, enjoy this video Politics sent us of some Tandem Mono skiing.  Tomorrow it’s on to the Yukon.  And enjoy that one of Dongshow’s most hated companies, Resorts of the Canadian Rockies, has gone all Michigan like and banned jumping.