I’ve just gotten back to Anchorage from Hope, where I’ve spent the last five days while staying at Seany B, Kyle and Matt’s log cabin.  We’ve done quite a bit of reading, eating, and chopping wood, but most of our time has been spent skiing.  Since Friday it’s been getting progressively more clear to imitate the day to day lengthening of our daylight.  It’s cold again (the Subaru took 15 minutes to start this morning) and the snow has turned to white silk.  The skiing has been awesome since Saturday.  The photo above is from Superbowl yesterday.  And the photo bellow is Seany B a couple of minutes later.  You’d be correct to assume we are all very happy.

 I would like to elaborate further but I’m getting ready to head out again.  I’ve only been home an hour, but I think I’m going to head south with Graham and enjoy skiing under sunshine.  I may get to writing it tonight, but again I’m kind of tired.  And then again there is always the risk that today’s events could overwhelm my memory;  turning the post into something akin to my worst homebrews, where I’d attempt to pack so much in that it became muddy and one couldn’t taste a thing.  We will see.