stuff breaks

Charlie, Mikey and I went to Hope today.  The weather was less then ideal, as a huge storm is moving in and  it was gusty white out conditions most of the day.  I have a quota of days when I forget a critical piece of equipment that I have to fill each season, and today I forgot my poles.  So although I made some poles out of hemlock branches,  I was content just to get out and get some mileage on the snowmachine hoping to rebuild some confidence while the skiing was poor  Unfortunately my steering column, which I knew was weak, broke exiting the first hard corner of the day.  Charlie towed me for the remaining 10 miles on my skis, but there wasn’t much skiing to be done.  Once we’d reached the top of the trail (we got lost a couple of times in the blowing snow)  Mikey realized I’d forgotten to grab the rum and orange juice from under my seat.  So instead of passing the day drinking in a cloud, I skinned along Mike’s and Charlie’s sled tracks; until Charlie slammed into a rock, bent a ski, and we decided to head home before something serious went wrong.  Towing my broken Arctic Cat was a breeze, and it’ll be inexpensive (but extremely annoying) to fix.  I think were in for a large storm,  so hopefully some powder in the trees the next couple of days.  But then again it’s gotten sunny, and I’ve already set the day aside for fixing the sled and finding my phone, so no skiing today I guess, but if your interested my Aunt is posting again and has tons of good stories.