Mikey and I fixed my snowmachine last night, and today with clear skies I got to test our work. Max, Mikey, Jessie and I went up Tell-A-Lie today.  The sled ran great, and I’m finally figuring out the basics of driving it, the whole day went off without a hitch.  Max and I even took a big run we hadn’t skied before too complete the day.  The snow was a step down from the last time we were up there,  everything looks like it’s been really wind scoured recently – the southern side of the valley was almost stripped bare – but we found some long pockets.  Our run reminded me of Les Grands Montets, the wind filled depressions of easy skiing powder bordered by steel hard ice on a steep slope with sharp visually intimidating rocks.  But instead of swaying in the wind on the Bochard with a crazy Italian and an english family on holiday, we hiked 15 minutes up a ridge after an exciting sled climb, which is an improvement.  I lost a pole somewhere along the 12 mile trail into the valley, so I had one pole and one stick, to keep up stupid mistakes theme going another day.  I crashed today as well;  I miss read the position of the ice powder border entering the apron, skidded out and lost a ski.  Hopefully we hold on to this sunny cycle a little longer.  If so there may be more tomorrow.

Update: I forgot to mention that Paris thrashed Nantes and is now only one point off first place, things could change tomorrow, but at the moment, good times.