It’s been stormy the last couple of days so Max and I have kept the skiing mellow. We’ve also taken Sue (the dog) with us the last two days. Yesterday we went up Tin Can in light blowing snow and took our time, drinking a Rainer before each run.  Today Graham joined us for a late start.  It looked cloudy in Turnagain so  we decided to stick to the front range ski the chute off the front of Flat Top.  The hike up was the worst of the season, booting through sugary snow on top of breakable crust on top of more sugar above another breakable crust.  The skiing down was easy with a good amount of light unconsolidated snow untouched by the wind, on top of a solid rock free base.  We expected to hit a lot of rocks on the way out, but other then a random patch of gravel I hit our trail home was clean and my skis looked no worse then they would of after any day in the Wasatch.

Anyway  we can share Comrade Kyle’s video of the Hope office working hard.