Sorry there hasn’t been anything new around these parts for a while.  Contrary to the rumor I haven’t gone on strike to show solidarity with the people of Guadeloupe,  we just hadn’t done anything interesting (despite skiing as usual) or worth posting about.  It’s been cloudy and snowing lightly every day while we’ve been party skiing simple stuff in the trees.  Runs that don’t even worry the dogs while drinking PBR don’t provide much to write about.

Today Max and I took a break from the predictable routine and skinned up Silvertip for the first time this season, and found super funky conditions.  The snow was super thin down low, and about half way up we crossed through a level of an unstable 9″ of wet snow, on top of a hard slick rain crust.  Each step was met with shooting cracks, I felt the snow settle a few times and we kicked off countless small slabs.  We continued climbing and only a few hundred feet higher the snow began to feel bonded unresponsive.  At the top of our first run we noticed an over ripe windslab, which minutes later Max remotely triggered (pictured above) from the other side of a ridge.  It broke about 12 to 16 inches deep and ran 150 feet across, sliding the length of the steep gulley beneath it.    With the trigger pulling that lightly we chose to ski tight trees for two runs, and we found humid powder that was stable where ever it was protected from the wind.  Steep tree runs are sadly a rarity around here, today reminded me how much I miss them.   On our second run Max found a step cliff line (soft pillows separated by 5 foot cliffs and trees) we slowly picked our way down, coaxing or tossing Sue off the modest drops.  The type of skiing I hope for whenever the visibility is bad.   Great fun, on a day where the conditions kept us thinking, just what I needed.