Hunter, Max and I went up Silvertip again today; the three of us had all sorts of problems.   First our POV camera mysteriously quit working while we were driving, and then while skiing both dogs decided to cause problems.  I’m told Hunter had to hike back up to Walter and literally toss him down the hill when he refused to continue.  I missed the incident because  Sue, while following me down a chute, decided to turn around and start climbing again.  I took my time trying to convince her to turn around before she disappeared into the trees.  She turned up 15 minutes later once she’d found a path down that suited her.  We regrouped with the dogs at the bottom, drank a beer, and decided to call it a day.  Somewhere along the ski back to the car I broke the pivot screw on my boots.  With a chance of sunshine tomorrow, and the snow feeling better by the day, a broken pair of boots is a major annoyance.  I’m told this is a common problem with Megarides, but unfortunately REI’s return policy is dependent on the mood of whoever is behind the counter.  Because I was forced to deal with an obsequious middle aged man, my demands for a new pair of boots were not met.  I was told that their warranty policy was different then the customer satisfaction policy, yet my complaints that I was no longer satisfied with my broken boots got me nowhere.  So I’ve been forced to order a new part and wait for it’s delivery.  In the meantime they’ve been fixed with an identical piece taken from an old pair of boots, which is nice, because the skiing should be interesting the next few days, and Seany B just bought a ’99 700 RMK.  I can’t really imagine him on a snowmachine yet, but I guess I’ll see it tomorrow.