Seeing as I’d forgotten my skis in the front yard the previous evening I had to walk outside to clean up my mess first thing this morning once I’d climbed out of bed.  I noticed it was a blue bird morning, and picked up the paper to read that Ted Stevens was free.  Normally I’d be excited by the former, and casually amused by the later, but seeing as Seany B stole us a fabulous Free Ted sign a few months ago which has been giving me daily laughs daily, I was doubly psyched for the day to come.  After a small breakfast at Judy’s Jason and I met with Graham and were on our way.  We set off up Corn Biscuit, the light deteriorating as the day progressed.    Luckily we got our selves into a little bit of an exciting boot pack to keep things interesting, on a dat that otherwise would have been of a bust.  Anyway, Wilson has just arrived, and it looks like were going to be going to Valdez this weekend, Mt Redoubt has disrupted so many flights that the Heli-Ski Companies have found themselves without clients and are shutting down for the season Monday.  So until I return you’ll have to make due with a little video of our recent troubles in 20 mile.  As always a higher quality version can be found here.