Mania, Wilson, Seany B and I skied this line of the north facing side of Eddie’s today.  I was quite excited, the slope rolled over to a nice slope slanting slightly to the skier’s left, before dropping into a large chute that ran steeply to the valley floor.  It was quite nice to ski a large line with Wilson again.  Last time I’d skied something similar it’d been a far shorter line off the north side of the Shark Fin where he’d dropped a small rock and straight run towards the valley.  Today Wilson too the first tracks, and disappeared beneith a rollover, only to appear 3 minutes later nuking his way towards the valley floor.  Sorry, I’m a bit drunk, and a little too celebratory about skiing a massive line on a sunny Tuesday.  Bring on the rest of the week, it has started well, I can say that much.