If you were expecting the much belated Valdez update you’ll have to wait a day or two longer; our conditions have slid into the unsafe territory and provided me with stories, video and pictures of a more fleeting value, basically I have a couple of slides to discuss.  Kyle kicked off a small slide in Hope Friday evening.  After Jason had skied a chute, which Wilson later reported they’d been skeptical off.  Kyle set off, skiing to the right of the chute and as he ventured away from the high point near the chute the whole slide broke off, about 6 inches too 1.5 feet deep.  Kyle retreated to the safety of the ridge and finished his run in the safety of the chute.  Today, with the sun poking through the large holes between the clouds, Jason, Wilson and I set off for the pass with a couple of things in mind.  The site of large, fresh, natural slides on a lot of northern aspects had us looking for cover, and adopting our plans to a more mellow day.  On top of Tin Can, with the winds howling out of the east, we decided to ski cut some of the loaded chutes near the top.  Our first attempt proved successful, Wilson managed to get a chute near the top of the skin track to break about 2 feet deep (pictured above) and run to the valley floor.  Two slides in the last couple days and massive signs of instability have clouded the plans for the next couple days, everything is currently on hold.  As usual the better version of Kyle’s Hope video bellow is here, enjoy.

Update: Also, good friend of the site and member of the Hope crew, Nappi was involved in a scary ice climbing accident near Eklutna.