If anyone is wondering what we’ve been up lately the answer is pretty simple, nothing.  Max has been flying his plane, while I’ve lounged in the sunshine writing e-mails in search of employment.  Anyway, hopefully a little video of Seany B’s car getting shot up will keep all of you from harassing me about my lack of posts, especially of the gun shooting variety.

In other news that may or may not be of interest to anyone, the excellent Piste Hors has recently been writing articles memorializing the Alouette III helicopters, which I’ve always had a soft spot for too.  After spending my first year in Alaska sipping whiskey and discussing helicopters with the Pete, I knew all about the Alouette with it’s incredible performance and low price tag (you can get one here for only 300,000), and while spending that winter in France, the constant site of that helicopter buzzing around the valley, looking giant mosquito,  always brought a smile to my face.  So, with those memories in mind, I was sad to here that they were decommissioned for use by the PGHM this spring, after more then 40 years of service.  At least it got a better send off then Seany B’s car though, and who knows, maybe this will lead to the price falling even further and we’ll have one of our own soon.  Until next time…. 

Update:  I forgot to mention you can track Matt the Cook’s progress up Denali at his website as well.