The sunshine and heat has continued for another week, which allowed for some flying with Max the last couple days.  Friday night Max flew Jeffe and I around Turnagain Arm for a while and sunday afternoon Max and I flew out to the big Su to check out a potential fishing hole we’d spotted last summer.  Max was able to put the plane (which is still on wheels) down on a couple of small islands, eventually finding a spot where we could land the plane, step out the door and fish from the bank, directly above the hole we had hoped to find.  The kings still haven’t arrived though, so no fishing took place.  Anyway, I’ve got some video of one of the many landings, it’s nothing special, we’re still trying to figure out how to capture some of the flying Max does on camera.

Our plan for the coming weekend is to the penninsula and hopefully catch some kings on either the Anchor or Kasilor rivers.  Were expecting this month of beautiful weatherto break this weekend, just in time, camping on the beach in the rain should be interesting.  Hopefully we’ll return with some pictures of large fish, until then enjoy this picture of the current snow level in the pass.