It’s been an incredibly boring week around these parts, luckily it’s begun getting colder, with clouds and rain to remind me that winter is on the way.  When I haven’t been shopping online for a boat, I’ve been drooling over some skiing material, and since my posting has been rather slow the last couple weeks I’ve decided to post it all here.  First off, the Arête de Peuterey – Couloir Eccles route off Mont Blanc has been skied multiple times this summer.  One group, including Glen Plake, became the first Americans too ski the route, although they twice needed helicopter assistance.  While on that subject, there is also a video of  flying over the route in a wingsuit.

Staying in the Chamonix area I also wasted a considerable amount of time watching the following split board descent of the Benedetti Direct off the west face of Mont Blanc

Excellent pictures of both the route and the approach (from a different trip) can be found here.  And while I’m at it I really should mention Tobias Granath who’s kept me entertained with his Chamonix pictures all week.  Check out his hit list, Aiguille du Plan North Face, Les Courtes (check out the route shot at the bottom!), the Whymper Couloir, and the Aiguille de l’Encrenaz.  I really need to get back to over there soon.

The picture above instantly caught my attention, after a some research it appears to be from the North Face of Mont Blanc de Cheilon in Switzerland (Arolla) and was skied by whoever it that posts at the excellent Gilles Les Skieur blog

Yesterday my cousin Jim pointed out he’d posted a short video with a nice mix of Washington and Michigan footage:

And finally, the always excellent Piste Hors pointed me in the direction of an article on a man who survived an avalanche, won the lottery, and then gave all the winnings to his rescuers.