Well, its finally getting a bit colder around here, with the return of rainy weather and a little bit of darkness at night.  Winter still feels a long ways off, and without the distraction of any soccer or football weeks can pass painfully slow, especially with a French vacation  just over the horizon.  Luckily though, Jeffé, Kim, Brad and I found some excellent fishing last  weekend.  After some initial boat problems and a frightening alcohol shortage, we found a small cove thick with fish and got to work making sure our families will have plenty of food in the  freezer.  Catching 15 fish in 2 hours, without seeing another person, is always fun, and after reading tales of lower 48 fishing, you begin to appreciate  that in Alaska even an awful fisherman like myself ends up catching something.  Even with dodgy home made hooks.  Anyway,  the combination of a cabin on a small island and excellent fishing has convinced us to return again this weekend.  Until I’m bored enough to post again you’ll have to make due with a picture of Brad’s cain….