This will have to be a quick post, as playing around with words isn’t as much fun as playing around with Paris; but we spent last weekend in Saintes, which was a new town for me, so I figured I’d take a minute and put up some pictures.  The picture above is Eglise St. Eutrope, as seen from from Bea’s backyard.  St Eutrope, the towns first bishop, was apparently stoned to death by a gang of bandits around 250.  

It’s hard to beat saucisson, pineau and fresh olives while waiting out the afternoon heat around the pool.  Especially when you have a 3,000  year old village to explore in the evening, complete with Roman ruins and a lack of tourists.

The arena once sat about 15 thousand and was built under Emperor Claudius, which makes it a fair bit younger then the towns baths or the the arch (pictured bellow), which were built a few years earlier (under Tiberius) and sit next to the beautiful Charente.  A little history makes for a pleasant change from the 1970s architectural nightmare of AK.