It’s been a while since I’ve been around these parts, and since it’s begun snowing again I may as well post a few things.  First up, a video I saw at work and my cousin reminded me of a few seconds ago.  I especially love the map at the finish.

Hopefully that can become the new cuir moustache of Halloween.  So…Anyone remember those posters for a ski area in Valdez, called Rydor, some of which had the comedy picture of a mountain with the lift towers and chairs beautifuly drawn with MS Paint?  Apparently It isn’t entirely a joke and the man behind the scheme has begun acquiring land and seeking permits. (pdf link)  The whole thing still seems preposterously far fetched but I’ll count this as good news as long as this means more of those strange posters will be going up.

If anyone else is looking to waste hours upon hours at work, check out Digital Freestyle Skiing where someone has begun digitizing hundreds of hours of 80s and 90s Freestyle Skiing Videos.  You can choose between Ballet Skiing at Waterville Valley or Tignes.

  • Max saw the new AK Binge movie and came back reporting good things.  There’s a good trailer on the site, I unfortunately missed the premier with the swine flu.  Be prepared for  a lack of poles.
  • This is actually a rare excellent article from Craig Medred on the Point Hope Caribou Hunters.  If you want even more information, check out the video at the AITC site.  The 2nd women’s final poem about the incident is fantastic.
  • French people are incredibly crafty when it comes to opening bottles of wine. Although the one time I saw Hugo attempt this the bottle broke.