I’ve been in a bad mood since returning from France to find Alaska dark, muddy, and in need of snow.  Yes, I’d gotten some glacial turns in Hatcher, but that came so soon after my arrival that it didn’t feel real and was quickly forgotten amidst the mud and clouds.  Well, hopefully the shitty season is over now and skiing is back without interuptions.  After missing my bus this morning I decided to go to Turnagain with Graham and Jeff.  Tin Can was super crowded (7-8 cars), but there wasn’t anyone at Sunburst.  As it’s early season I’m still forgetting stuff constantly, this time it was beer, lucky for me though Graham brought a back up IPA for me to enjoy up top.  The skiing was better then early season skiing should be with a few inches of cream on top of a frozen base you couldn’t feel was all it took to bring a massive smile to my face.   It’s so nice to know winter is here for real.