I’ve been out the last 2 days.  After Monday’s gorgeous sunshine the weather reverted to the usual abrasiveness you’d expect this time of year.  We got up early and skied Tin Can (pictured above) for Veterans Day and found supportable crust and aggressive winds. Yesterday Hunter, Kieth and I left town a little after 1, and made it up Sunburst before the sun set.  The wind was stronger then the previous day and had stripped the ridge bare in spots.  The snow was super variable, changing from easy turning cream to sustrugi without warning.  As you can guess I’m extremely happy winter is back with its skiing and long colorful sunsets.  Oh and Max has started posting pictures as well.  He took both of these.


Hunter rigged up a helmut camera on Thursday, so I can provide you a little sample of the conditions.  It really is amazing how excited we get for so little at the start of the year.  The parking lots have been packed too, Tin Can has had over 10 cars all week.