The skiing was pretty icy and cold this weekend.  But despite the firm conditions looking out my office window to see the view above makes me wish I was out skiing anyway.  I forgot my camera this weekend so I’ll post a couple pictures whenever Max gets around to putting whatever he took online.  Hopefully we get some more snow soon.  In the mean time enjoy this video of an Alta powder day from 1974, that I found over at The Ski Bum Poet.  It brought a smile to my face to see how the Wildcat terrain looked almost identical to how I remember it from my years at Alta almost 30 years after this video was filmed.  Have to say I didn’t expect to see so many tracks in the early 70s, but I guess Utah was and always will be Utah.  I guess they’ve delayed their opening too.

UPDATE:  Max has a CHDK timelapse of a saturday morning drive to Girdwood in the style of Don Pablos fateful voyage to Hope, (also chronicled here) I think these all need a fair bit more work.