another shit pounders peak scenery shot

Instead of eating turkey and watching the lions lose Hunter and I headed for Turnagain this morning to enjoy some of the 4 feet we’ve recieved in the last couple days.   While there we (along with 15 or so others) took advantage of a large and long lasting sucker hole.  It was windy up top, and a couple small windcrusts were cracking in poping all over the place, but that didn’t really trouble us on the way down, although we had to wait a couple of times for Walter (Hunter’s dog) who was finding it too deep.  I should have some of Hunter’s helmut camera footage later, but no promises on when, I’m too exicted about skiing the next 3-4 days to get much done.  In the meantime enjoy what might be the worlds oldest ski video, from Norway with plenty of big flakes and some sweet jump footage near the end.  Impressive for 1906.