So far, the latest estimates say this current storm has dropped over 70 inches of snow on us.  I went skiing near Summit Lake today with the UAA crowd.  The drive there was treacherous with the car bottoming out in the snow along the highway, but Graham did well too keep Jeff’s Jetta out of the inlet and we made it.  When we arrived we found another car and a freshly cut skin track through light waist deep snow.

I was naively dreaming of face shots, but it wasn’t long before a couple huge whumph noises of collapsing snow banished those thoughts.  We caught up to the two guys from the other car  (we didn’t know them) who’d set the skin trail, and by that point they had decided to turn around after hearing a couple large collapses.  With a flat approach, and thick trees to anchor the snow we pushed a ways higher.  But near the top a numerous additional of massive whumph noises while on flat slopes, and the sounds of distant rumbles deterred us from skiing anything interesting and retreating back down our skin track in fear.  Along the way the clouds parted and we were able to get a glimpse of the valley, and notice that every aspect was riddled with large natural slides.  We played around down low in the alders for a bit, but it was too deep to make turns on anything gentle enough to be safe.  Still great fun, and another pleasant day in the hills.  Anyway, here is a little of Hunter from yesterday on Tin Can.