snow on black spruce I skied Tin Can today, and although it cleared briefly late this afternoon it continued  snowing most of the day.  Super Typhoon Nida continues to spit storms our way and the forecasts are calling for continued snow fall.  I don’t know if this snowy cycle will reach last years 108 inches, this has made for some memorable storm skiing. I don’t know what it is about thanksgiving up here, but it seems to bring the snow.

lots of alaskan snow

Today on Tin Can (like yesterday in Summit Lake) it was almost too deep to ski.  The snow was a little wetter, and I didn’t notice as many slides, but it still hadn’t settled and skied really deep.  People were getting stuck everywhere you looked.  Dogs refused to leave the skin track.  While removing my skins I stepped off my skis and sunk up to my armpits before catching myself and climbing back to the surface.  Feels good to have all those things back, skiing powder doesn’t ever get old, even when its slow and low angle like today.  Anyway, all these pictures are Grahams from yesterday in Summit Lake, and underneath is Wooly with the goggle-less front flip.