from magnum looking towards sunburst

Yesterday afternoon the sun peaked out in Anchorage for the first time in 8 or 9 days and I was instantly excited about the chance of skiing in something other then stormy weather.  After spending the week working I had little choice but to take friday off and go skiing with Graham.  We started out on Sunburst where the snow was a little wind effected but good cruising.  From there we cut a trail up Magnum, took a run down the southern side run, I took the Baby Belgua (Vidoe from Piper in 2007), Graham took the Fuzzy Bunny.  There were quite a few people enjoying Davis Creek, and with a trail we headed up for another lap on the sunny side of Magnum before skinning back up for a run down PMS to the car.

turnagain pass uphill

The snow was great, 6″ of creamy powder on top of a the settled 7 feet from the last storm.  Much less wind effected on Magnum then Sunburst.  There were quite a few natural slides visisble that must have cut loose durring the last storm but everything seemed stable where we were.  It seems only weeks ago I was constantly angry and frustrated with winter’s slow start, and now it seems like february; cold and plenty of snow.  The alders are gone, confidence is growing, and with a day of high speed turns and short spine runs I’m extremely happy.  But no video, that will have to come later as I left the firewire cable at work (typically) and don’t really feel like hunting for another one.