Graham, Jeff and I skied Twin Peaks today.  I’ve wanted to ski this line since moving here, as it’s the most obvious visible line as you come around the corner at the bottom of Turnagain Pass.  It was also surprisingly long.  No one had skied the line before, so we went in without any good idea as to how to approach it.  Luckily it was pretty simple, there is a closed snow covered road that winds through the trees and leads directly to the bottom of the line.  We left the road early though and headed up a ridge adorned with trees and alders.  The views were nice, and the skin up was pleasant since it was the first sunshine I’d gotten all week as Anchorage has been in thick ice fog.

We had to boot up the final third of the climb.  We quickly noticed that the wind had destroyed the snow the week before, and the last couple days of warm temperatures had turned it a bit rotten which made for a slow, annoying boot pack.  I spent some time at the top admiring the back of Silvertip (which I’d never seen despite having stood on top of it numerous times) which is on the list for this season.  The top of the chute skied hard and chattery, while the lower reaches through the alders held excellent snow.   I was really surprised by how long the line was, it has to be one of the longest in the pass.  Sorry, again no video or pictures of any actual turns, I’ll have some of that soon, promise.