snowmachine turn

Max and Mikey went out to Max’s cabin at Chelatna last weekend to inspect the purported 8 feet of snow.  Since I don’t have any ski pictures from sunday, and have been in the office ever since, this will have to suffice.  It’s snowing here again (and absolutely dumping in Valdez), so good things to come.  Enjoy

Alaska Range

as viewed from the Cabin

In other non Alaskan news, Solitude is attempting to expand into Silver Fork; the predictable comedy has ensued.  And in Finland, a far more legitimate urban resort expansion is having problems and needs help. In some Alaskan news, everyone seems to be enjoying the colors, there are some pictures of people skiing Super bowl the other day that made me jealous, and if I’ve been really enjoying this Blue Ice Aviation site since I found it last week.   A bientôt…