I’ve been stuck working all week which has been particularly painful as I’ve mostly looked out the window at the new snow and now today’s sunshine and Valdez making the paper with all it’s snow.  Because I haven’t done shit all week all I’ve got is the a picture Max took at the cabin last weekend, and a couple of good pieces from the ski safety blog of all places.  First an article on drunk skiing containing this awesome gem, “Research from Confused.com shows that 24% of skiers admitted to drinking more than four drinks before skiing down the side of a mountain; this has led to one in four being affected by drunken skiers,” which winds up making the usual Tin Can program of one beer per lap look pretty sober.  And finally, this story on a lift rollback in Wisconsin, something my dad always warned me about (as in remember to jump off it you start going backwards, not be suspicious of chairlifts in Wisconsin) but is really just an excuse to once again post my favorite video.