I’m back in Alaska, having learned that sometimes airline incompetence can work in my favor.  Some light flurries in Minnesota caught Delta with their pants down resulting in lengthy delays and a missed connection, which worked out great, as I got to spend a 22 hours in Utah catching up with friends, and flew first class the rest of the way.  Everyone seemed to be doing great (except Wilson who needs an intervention) despite being a few years older and wiser.  There was lots of talk about  both the recently relaxed liquor laws (Politics and I even visited the new state liquor store, pictured above and here) and the LDS church fighting back by hoarding downtown real estate in order to limit the number of bars.

2003 arctic cat 900

The major news from my brief visit was the addition of snowmobiles, dirt bikes and motor cycles to the old routine.  Mania, bought the sled pictured above an hour before driving me to the airport and Nate now blames a declining golf game on his dirt bike.  Politics, Mania, and Tom are all riding motorcycles.  So, the brief unplanned appearance in Utah went well, now I just need a little skiing to complete the cycle.