hatcher pass in january 10 I celebrated MLK day with a few too many mid day margaritas trying to put together a frustrating and difficult puzzle; some horrible gloppy painting of a vineyard kept three of us working for hours without any progress.  I didn’t even make it home.  This morning I woke up with the type of headache only cheap margarita mix and a night of puzzling can provide.  Luckily I got a ride downtown, and was able to take the bus back to my house early this morning before the sun came up (I love slow January mornings), allowing me to go to Hatcher with Graham.  We skied a line on the left side of the road, on the south side of what I think is April Bowl (I don’t know the names of anything up there), and the snow was fantastic.   A little wind effected and rocky towards the top, but 10-12 inches of cold powder the rest of the way.  It was a new line for both Graham and I, with quick and easy access.  Hatcher is skiing really well right now. Graham and I weren’t alone up there today, but it’d also be a stretch to say there are are a lot of tracks.  Anyway, no video today, typically I forgot to clear the card for my camera so got to the top only to learn I couldn’t record anything; but if you want a mediocre idea of what we skied I have a photo of Graham skiing it here.

awesome January light in Alaska