hatcher pass talkeetna mountainsGraham, Jimmy and I went skied Hatcher Pass today; it was fantastic.  Deep, light, stable, snow, not a cloud in sight, and although it was a tad rocky (like always up there, I came home with some fresh core shots) that didn’t hinder the skiing at all.  Pictured above is our second run of three, everything we hit today was fantastic, both north and south facing shots had nothing but blower powder.  I’m so happy and excited for more I’m going to have trouble sleeping tonight.  Anyway, I forgot to charge the battery on the video camera, so you’ll have to settle with for these photos.

skinning back up after the first run

oh the tracks are beautiful

grahams back while we skin upAnd if you’re especially bored, Piste Hors has both some thoughts on recently improved European winters and a glacial safety film that got me laughing about British people falling in crevasses daily over there.  Finally there is this treatise on skiing with short poles, which I guess is better then no poles at all.