Graham, Jeff and I skied Ptarmigan this afternoon.  They both had class this morning, so I lounged around in bed for a while looking at the blue sky out my window.  Our first choice was to ski Big League this afternoon, but the weather was deteriorating quickly down south, and with sunshine in Anchorage we decided to head to the front range and hit Ptarmigan.  The weather was typical of how its been this last week; fast moving clouds, with flurries and sunshine at the same time.   We skied the obvious chute that starts to the right of the summit which made for a great little afternoon tour.  I even tripped and somersaulted without consequences which got everyone laughing.  Lets hope the weather improves.  Looking at the Tordrillos (pictured bellow) while getting ready really wet my appetite for skiing some new stuff.

Anyway, now that Dave has coined the term “mind skiing” in the comments I’ll pass along the mind skiing and other things I’ve read in the office the last couple days.