(via Homeboy’s Ski Blog)

All day I’ve been feeling aggrieved that I’m in the office dealing with endless video codec or rendering issues while outside my window it is a calm, sunny day with fresh snow.  Then I came across the picture posted above, which is from a frightening large avalanche from Tamokdalen, Norway, and suddenly I felt much safer sitting here in the office.  There has been all sorts of avalanche related reading today as well.  My morning started out with the insane tale of a Swiss skier who survived after being buried for 17 hours in an avalanche, and a Washington area avalanche scare involving a whippet self-arrest above some cliffs.  Not the most positive day of mind-skiing, but sometimes horror stories are what’s needed when I’m marooned from the slopes in my dingy downtown office.   Anyway, there is a blizzard warning forecast for tonight and tomorrow, I’m welcoming all the snow, but a little afraid the Chugach is going to look like a war zone when it’s all done. And finally on a side note Caroline has come through with my new picture definition of the Wasatch scene.  I think that pretty much captures everything.