So it has been snowing for about a week now, and the goods are extremely good.  Enjoying deep snow  after a lazy morning when you leave town a little after one, pull in to the parking lot and find two of your friends arriving at the same time by pure chance really makes a Friday.  I was expecting conditions similar to when I was out Wednesday, but today was much much deeper, with maybe an additional two feet that’s fallen since then, and it continued puking snow all afternoon.

It was really one of those days where it was too deep to ski anything that was  flat enough not to avalanche, where you would just kind of go straight with the snow so deep you can only go slowly, maybe wishing you had wider skis, but with a monster sized smile and getting the occasional face shot as you dodged a tree.  More days like this please.

On a side note, today was probably too deep to take the dogs, they all made it back to the car, but they made me nervous a few times as well.  It was double over head, and when they weren’t on the skin track they were tunneling through the snow.  Coda had an incident with a tree well and both Boozer and Walter aired a good sized pillow.  Enjoy the video, it’s poorly encoded and framed in black since I did a poor job of encoding it, but it’s all I’ve got at the moment.