After over a week of near continuous snowfall I woke up this morning to Max confidently claiming it was going to be clear and sunny until late this afternoon.  Sunshine and deep powder is always exciting, but we were both skeptical of how the snow pack was going to hold together, and decided to go for a mellower tour and shoot some guns.  With the Olympics getting started a little Alaskan biathlon (alpine ski touring with hand guns, rather then nordic skiing with rifles) sounded like a fantastic option.  The snow was the creamy greatness we expected, and despite the clear signs of instability, our test slopes and ski cuts didn’t produce any activity.  None the less we skied cautiously, figuring there were plenty of pockets waiting to pop with the snow settling and slabbing up since yesterday.  Still an excellent day, after yesterday’s too deep to turn experience it felt fantastic to get some speed again.

Also, I’m compelled to mention that today was rather tragic elsewhere in the mountains, stay safe and take your time everyone.