All year I’ve been itching to ride the lifts at Arctic Valley, and since it’s only open on weekends I’ve been itching to catch it on a Saturday after a week of snowfall.  It was a day later in the weekend then planned, but today with 2 for 1 lift tickets Max, Hunter, Riley and I made it happen.  Even with the huge discount the area was virtually empty (It looks more crowded in the 1945 picture above with 1/3 the lifts) so it was still plenty soft and smooth making for some excellent high speed laps.  I have to say that Arctic Valley (or Alpenglow, the name confuses me) is awesome and should serve as a model ski area to the rest of the world.  The volunteer lifties are the happiest ski area workers I’ve ever come across.  The old Riblet double chair surprised me by how fast it ran.   Oh and it doesn’t open until 11 so you can drink as much as you want and still make first chair.  Basically it’s nice to ski somewhere simple, that’s not just a huge real estate development with some lifts.  Thank you Anchorage Ski Club, you provide hope in a bleak world of increasingly lame ski resorts.