With a warm low pressure system screwing with the weather around Anchorage, Graham and I took the opportunity to check out some new terrain (for us) in the Eastern Alaska Range and stay for a couple nights at the USGS’s Gulkana glacier hut.  Neither of us had been to the area before, and our trip was based on a friend’s ten year old memory of a hut on the left side of the glacier that we couldn’t miss.  The approach was a bit longer then we expected, and I had serious doubts that we’d find the place, but it all worked out in the end.  The weather was fantastic too, sunny and unseasonably warm for the Alaska Range in February.  Graham skied around the whole weekend in a hoodie.

Most of our days were spent sight seeing, rather then hitting any large lines (until Sunday, sort of), which was fine as the area has a massive amount of terrain and we didn’t see a single ski track the entire weekend.  Saturday we had some high clouds and winds which put a damper on our activities, but the rest of the time it was sunny and calm.  The Hut was fantastic too, smaller then most but still comfortable with two people.  Nights were spent either eating a bunch of food or drinking mixtures of rico mint chai and tang.   I even took a night lap Thursday.  The view out the front door wasn’t bad either.  I’ll have some video of the skiing later.  Oh, and Mt Sanford was gorgeous last night.  My desire to ski off one of those huge solitary peaks in the Wrangells increases by the day.