Wilson and I headed back to Turnagain today without a clue as to what we were going to ski;  since we weren’t at all clear on what the weather was going to do to the lovely snow we enjoyed yesterday.  The further we drove from Anchorage the more holes appeared in the clouds, and we ended up going up Magnum, partly because a women had cut a good deal of the skin track on her way up Sunburst.  It was fairly easy getting to the top, but once there a large mobile home sized cornice broke off  a couple feet to my right and both Wilson and I became a bit nervous.  Walking the ridge was a fair bit worse then normal, but we made it to the later spines pretty quick.   They both skied fine, but were reactive in obvious areas, you can see a picture of our tracks here.  We skied back to the car, but with the light improving we went up Sunburst for a sunset lap, bumped into Graham and Jeff and finished off the day.  I got a some video again today, I ended up crashing at the bottom of my line so it makes for some good comedy.