With yesterday being my brother’s day it was extremely nice to get an excellent combination of intense sunshine and light powder (Hunter’s shot of O’conner from yesterday).  But despite the excellent conditions and fast skiing in the back of my mind I had the near constant thought that Teddy would of had a few words with our lines and said that we could have done better.  I was super happy skiing down the lower trees to the car yesterday, but I was really stuck with an urge to ski something big or new.

Wilson and I didn’t have a clue as to what to do this morning.  There was talk of flying with Max, but he took off for his cabin leaving us putting plans to ski Eddies southerlies with Hunter before getting a call from Graham (who was getting off the ferry from Cordova in Whittier) and agreeing to pick him, Jeff and Andy up in Portage.  After some discussion we ended up skinning up into Gulch Creek, passing on the north facing lines traversing a ways to play on some south facing spines.  The snow was still light and sluffing, and only just starting to feel sun cooked. It made for a perfect days tour, a long but simple up to start the day, a beautiful ridge walk followed by exciting skiing, a short skin, and finished with a super long (3.5 minutes!) powder run back to the car.  Oh, and I’ve also got some footage from Max and Mikey on their snowmachines this last week.